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How to Clean Your Front Door

June 16, 2020

Whether you’re doing a deep clean or cleaning up after bad weather, cleaning your door can be a chore. Cleaning it properly can be difficult so we at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Evanston are here to tell you step by step how to clean your front door.

Time to Dust

The first step would be to dust in order to get all of the dust and light dirt off the door first. Ideally- use a microfiber high duster. Microfiber dusters are composed of tiny loops and wedge hooks in order to trap dust and dirt to get the most effective clean. While doing this, remove the extensive cob webs and ensure you have a clean base to work with. While high dusting however, ensure you wear something to protect your hair. Wearing a hair net is an essential safety procedure which will keep your health at it’s best.

Start from the Top

Clean Your Front Door | Fresh Tech Maid

A two step ladder is your best friend. In order to get the most thorough clean, getting up on a height is a really effective way of cleaning. Spraying the surface with a PH neutral cleaner will give the surface a great clean as well as protecting the paint. We are the best cleaning service Evanston and we recommend using De-ionized water, also known as ‘hungry’ water. It is free of minerals and it the purest form of water, breaking down microorganisms and soil. Paired with a microfiber cloth, the grime will be cleared away in no time. The most effective way to clean your front door is to work your way down the door from the top to bottom. If you would like more information of chemical free cleaning, make sure to check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Chemical Free Cleaning‘.

Focus on the Details

Move onto the scuff marks with more specified cleaning products. Ensure you pay attention to details- sanitize the handles, get into the detailed carvings of the door and remove all of the build up of dust and dirt. We recommend using smaller more intricate tools in order to do the job right.

Tackle the glass

Next, if you have any class on your door, it is time to remove the streaks. Spray some of your de-ionized water onto the glass and gently buff it in with a cloth or rag. This will ensure you have a streak free surface- it will look as if house cleaning services Evanston has done it!

Polish the Hardware

At the end, you need to polish the hardware. With an old rag, buff a polish or glass cleaner into the knobs and handles of the door. This will be the finishing touch to making sure the door looks put together.

Clean up the Mess

You may have a gleaming door however the last thing to tackle is the debris around it. As you spend the last while cleaning your door, dirt and debris from the cleaning may have fallen on the ground around you. By vacuuming around the door you finish off the job, ensuring you have a happy and healthy home. Ensure you use a vacuum cleaner attachment that does the job efficiently.