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Find A Housekeeper You Can Trust

October 4, 2018

Being able to find a housekeeper can be a difficult task but the big question is ‘how to find one you can trust’. With so many companies available and even more people willing to offer their services, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. No matter why you’re looking for a maid service in Arlington Heights, it is important to chose one that you can trust. Price is one thing, but when a stranger is coming into your home it is important not to cut costs as it may cost you dearly later.

Do Your Research

If you are looking for a new maid service Arlington Heights to use, make sure to do all the research you can. There are so many factors that go into a cleaning service that you may not know about, however whether the maid uses employees or independent contractors is one of the biggest factors. Here is the definition of the two:

Employees: Employees are directly hired by a company. Employees go through a hiring process, a training plan and are directly managed by a company. They are covered by various federal and state employment and labor laws. For the employee, the company withholds income tax, Medicare and Social Security from their wages.

Independent Contractors: Workers who are outsourced to complete a job. They provide good or services to another person or company as settled in a contract between the two. In the United States, a company is not permitted to train them.

So What Is The Difference?

From the outset, you wouldn’t know the difference when you are trying to find a housekeeper, but when it comes down to it, they are miles apart. When a company hires an employee, they care about the service they provide to you. Independent contractors are not trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits companies to train and direct them. It shows the service is not really committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. Instead, the cleaning company put profit first at all cost. When a company trains their employees, they are all up to standard so you can trust that they can all equally do a great job, no matter what technician comes to your home.

The most important difference is that when employees are hired, they are screened, background checked, drug tested and have gone through a rigorous hiring process to work for the company. Sometimes companies that use independent contractors haven’t even met the person cleaning your home before! Would you trust a stranger in your home?

What if something goes wrong? Companies that hire employees are generally licensed, bonded and insured which covers you if there is any breakages in your home. Not only that, but if there is one in your home and they get sick or hurt themselves, then you are liable.

What about a friend/ independent person?

This category is similar to a company using independent contractors, they will not be licensed, bonded or insured, they will not be background checked or drug tested and they may not be trained very well. Not only this, if your housekeeper gets sick or has an emergency, the cleaning you were banking on will not get done as there is no backup available to fill in for them. That is a risk you will have to take when you are trying to find a housekeeper.

How To Know If They Use Independent Contractors 

Ask them! If they are on the phone or in person, they will be taken aback by your knowledge of the cleaning industry. Asking them will put them on the spot and if they have any hesitation- you know what the answer is. Talking to your cleaning technician can reveal a lot about the company that you may not know. Listen to what they say and make a judgement call on that.