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We at Fresh Tech Maid are here to break down the process and tell you exactly how to find the best maids Chicago.

Write Out What You Expect

Know your expectations. What is the purpose of this clean- are you interested in a one time cleaning for a special event, bi-weekly service or move in/ move out cleaning? Knowing why you want a service determines many factors when hiring the best maids Chicago, and is helpful for the company as they can help you reach your particular goals. It is helpful to list out what you want from your cleaning service- do you want a general dust, the floors cleaned or inside your refrigerator cleaned? There are so many options for every maid service Chicago.

Do Your Research

Best Maids Chicago

There are so many house cleaning services out there, so it is essential that you find the right one for you. There are several websites that you can check reviews and ratings of a number of companies at once. Sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook have reviews and feedback from real customers, to inform your decision. Customers opinions of the company are a true testament to the service that they provide. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we have between 4.7 and 5 star reviews as well as being top rated on Angies List, Best Pick Report and Top Three Rated for house cleaning Chicago. We take pride in our stand out reputation and put our customers’ needs as our number 1 priority.


It’s Not All About Price

Often, a maid service Chicago will give prospective clients a very low quote in order to undermine their competitors and get their business. However, when you receive a quote that’s extremely low rather than sign on the dotted line, you should ask the following questions: Why is the quote so low? What am I giving up in exchange for a very inexpensive price? Am I be better off choosing a maid service that charges more, but is more reliable, sends properly trained technicians, and is fully insured? The answer is YES. Private maids or many low-cost providers may cost less initially, but you get what you pay for in the house cleaning industry.

The total cost of your entire house cleaning experience may be a lot more expensive, in the form of stress and time to manage poor cleaning quality. Your time is the most valuable. Do not get into the trap of INITIAL low prices! You have to wonder if they are using independent contractors. Would you trust them to clean your home? If they are not bonded and insured, you may be liable for anything that goes wrong. The cheaper price may cost you more later. At Fresh Tech Maid our technicians go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure we have the best staff in the industry. They go through background checks and we are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. The price is not your real cost. Your time is!

What Products Do They Use To Clean?

Several cleaning services use heavy chemicals when in fact they don’t have to. If you have allergies, pets, or children, then you should consider a chemical free service. This has huge benefits for the environment and your family’s health. Chemical free cleaning is even better and even more effective than using heavy chemicals. Luckily, chemical-free cleaning leaves absolutely no residual chemicals on surfaces or released into the air. There are no carcinogenic or toxic results, and it does not degrade indoor air quality. With chemical-free cleaning, we can reduce the billions of tons of chemical waste released into the environment. Furthermore, we can reduce cleaning-related health issues to zero, by reducing the amount of dangerous chemicals absorbed into our bodies. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we use chemical free cleaning. We do this for the health of you and your family- we care about you so you don’t have to. This is part of the reason why so many people consider us as the best maids Chicago!

Best of luck on your search.



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