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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Clean?

January 4, 2019

The Perfect Clean

This question gets tossed around quite a bit. Some maid services in Evanston will tell you, when asked about this, that it is attainable, although the truth is, it is not. There are many reasons why it’s impossible to get your house perfectly clean, including the fact your house begins getting dusty again the second those shelves are done.
Other reasons include the fact that perfection is extremely subjective. What one person deems perfect another may find extreme or lacking. There needs to be happy medium that is reach in these occasions. This is what many maid services aim for – the “happy medium.” Over cleaning can be costly, especially for the client who will have to pay for the extra time. If they attempt perfection, it will take far longer and cost more money.
While there is no such thing as a “perfect clean” for the reasons described above, there is such a thing as optimized cleaning. Optimized cleaning focuses on what the client needs and wants, and meets those goals, instead of trying to reach that mythical lofty perfection. In optimized cleaning, these subjective criteria is replaced by something that is achievable and definable – meeting specific needs instead of aiming for something that is impossible to reach.
It’s all about finding the balance between value and expectations. Clients want their homes to be clean – more specifically, they want them to be what they consider to be clean. Meeting those goals is very possible, and in return, the client gets the most value for their money. Over cleaning simply makes it tougher on everyone, since not only are the projections unrealistic, but they are costly as well. Also, check out our shoe organizing tips here!

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