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How Much Does A Maid Cost?

When choosing a maid service in Arlington Heights it is essential to find the right one for you. Whether you’re moving out and want to get your deposit back or would like a regular house deep cleaning service to make your home healthier and happier, the right company will ensure your needs are met. As there are so many housekeepers on the market however, it can be overwhelming when choosing one for you. You may not know that there are so many factors of a company that don’t meet the eye. When you hear a cheaper cleaning service prices you may jump for joy, we all want the best bang for our buck right? That is not the case in this industry. They may fool you by giving you a low hourly rate and you’ll be the one to suffer in the end.

It is not all that it seems

Cleaning Service prices

Generally, the cleaning service prices of a housekeeper are by Hourly Charge Rate * Hours necessary to Perform the Task. As a marketing tactic, some dishonest companies may make their hourly rate really low and their hours needed high which will increase the overall cost for you. A company that may use this tactic most likely will not have trained their staff to the highest standard. Either that or they use independent contractors, which we will discuss later.

In other cases, the company may give you a low quote in order to get into your home and while they are there, ask for more time and leave the job half done if you say no. A good job takes time and therefore if cleaning service prices are low you should think about why that is. Ask the sales rep questions to find out more. There is a catch when a company gives you a low quote, a catch that may cost you dearly in the end.

Who is the staff?

Sometimes low priced house cleaning companies use independent contractors rather than employees, a factor that can be detrimental for you in the end. As they cut costs in recruiting, insurance, bonding and training they don’t have to charge a high rate. You are putting yourself at risk however by using these companies and we’re here to tell you why.

When a company hires a house cleaner, they go through a hiring process, they are screened, and background checked. The company knows this person, trusts them to do the job well and makes sure your safety is the highest priority. They ensure the employee has never committed a crime, especially theft because they will be cleaning your home after all. Independent contractors may not be screened and background checked, the company might have not even met the housekeeper before! Would you trust a company knowing that they have no idea about the person in your home? More importantly, would you trust a stranger in your home on a regular basis?

A maid service Arlington Heights that hires employees can train them to the highest standard. They most likely have training plans set up and as a result, the staff can all do a very good job no matter who comes to tidy your home. When using independent contractors- the standard is not the same. Independent contractors are not trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. As a result, if you get independent contractors to tidy your home, it means the service is not really committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. A low cost reflects a poor service and putting your time, money and energy on the line.

The simple reason people use independent contractors is that it cuts costs. There is no need for as much manpower in hiring and training, this is the highest cost for a service and it cuts costs massively. Using independent contractors can reduce payroll tax up to 10%! In addition, the liability cost, reflected by worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance, can also reduce another 8% of labor costs. Adding all of these factors up can save a service thousands of dollars a year.

The True Cost

happy family

How much is deep cleaning service prices and how much do you expect to pay? It is NOT just the initial cleaning service prices. It is the initial cleaning service prices + the time needed to manage the job + the stress added or reduced when using the service. Ensure you focus on the whole process, not just the cleaning service prices per hour. Some companies cut costs with job management and cleaning supplies. Find a housekeeper who wants you to be apart of the process from start to finish. Having a service that walks you through the job step by step. They should check up on how everything is going with both you and the housekeeper, making your satisfaction their top priority. If there is an issue, it should be brought to your attention or the attention of the service as soon as possible. If your job needs more time, it should be brought to your attention and discussed rather than leaving it until the last minute. As a result you have the control and you can decide whether you want to add more time or stay in budget and create a priority list to manage the time cleaning. When issues arise, the least damage occurs when the problem can have a solution as soon as possible. If there is nobody managing, you will end up having to chase the service to deal with the issues causing unnecessary stress that you did not need or sign up for.

The bottom line is that the cheaper housekeeper could end up being the most expensive. The risks associated with hiring a cheaper service will put you at risk for complications later on. What is the purpose of a housekeeper? It frees up more time for you and ensures you can live a stress free life. Why waste your money on getting a service which you may be dissatisfied with, wasting hours of your precious time trying to resolve it and fix the issues at hand that you have been faced with? Even more so if you’re getting a cleaning on a regular basis.




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