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The Truth You Need To Hear..

Learning the truth behind hiring a professional maid for Chicago starts with taking the right steps to improve your life. Professional maids are some of the most hardworking people around.  Whatever drives your need for a fresher and healthier home, they are here to help. Whether you want a weekly cleaning, a move out cleaning to help you get your deposit back, or you’re in need of a deep cleaning, hiring a professional cleaning company can help. Having a deep understanding of your maid will ensure a mutually beneficial for you both and will ensure you get the most out of your cleaning service. Understanding their joys and fears can ensure that you have an effective cleaning.

Consequences Of Not Knowing The Truth Behind Hiring A Professional Maid For Chicago

Understanding your maid for Chicago can make or break your experience. If you do not understand the business or where your maid is coming from, you may not see the benefits that you deserve. Not only will this hinder your experience, it will make your technician unhappy, causing a toxic work environment for both parties.

High Turnover

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Having different expectations, not being open and honest, and not understanding the process will all result in your dissatisfaction of the service provided. When you are not happy with your maid service and the service that you receive is not what you expect, there is a good chance that you will fire them and hire a new service. This constant turnover caused by the miscommunication will be a headache not only for the company, but especially for you. Trying a new maid service again and again, from showing them around your home to dealing with the sales process can be draining and a waste of time for both of you. Growing your relationship together will be mutually beneficial, so why wait?! The future is in your hands so don’t waste time and act now!

Why Waste Time Managing The Service- that’s not your job!

Not understanding your maid service Chicago can ensure you will have to spend your precious time managing the cleaning. The purpose of a maid service is to free up your time. You shouldn’t have to spend your hard-earned money and valuable time managing a cleaning. Being open, honest, and upfront will ensure you are on the same page and the job can be done effectively. Having trust and respecting the professional in your home allows the technician to make your home shine. Understanding their fears and joys that we will discuss below will avoid these issues for you in the future.


You are Open With Them

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Open communication with your cleaning lady is a huge benefit for your relationship. Walking through the home after the cleaning service can be of mutually beneficial for you both. Telling them what is important to you can highlight areas that your cleaning technician should be aware of can be helpful for her. Pointing out what the technician has done both good and bad can create a better relationship for you both and ensure she can grow in her job, she is a professional after all and wants to excel in her career. Recognizing their strengths and weakness is great. Highlighting their strengths, praising them, and giving them credit where credit is due is very encouraging for the technician. You can also candidly provide feedback on areas that they may need to improve. If they missed a baseboard or a spot on the back splash, nicely informing them can bring it to their attention so they can fix it there and then and improve for next time. If you bring to light the good and the bad, your cleaner can be more aware and in turn do better at her job.

It is More Than Just One Cleaning, It is a Process

There is no perfect cleaning, so understanding that will make your cleaning lady so much happier. An effective cleaning program is a process. It is not just one cleaning, but a process with few cleanings featuring feedback and optimization. Knowing that your maid for Chicago is human and can make mistakes from time to time is essential. Providing constant feedback and paying attention to the work of your cleaning technician will ensure you can effectively optimize the cleaning in the future.

They Are Entitled to be treated fairly

Your maid works very hard to clean your home. Ensuring that they have the correct and professional work environment is essential for them. Putting on the AC during the hot summers and the heat on in the cold winters gives them optimal working conditions. Imagine not being given a bearable workplace to work in! Making sure your dog is trained during the cleaning while you are not there is showing your respect for their profession. Showing consideration and support for your technician goes a long way and can ensure you have that mutual respect that you deserve.


They Are Not Understood

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Maids for Chicago sometimes fear that the client does not understand them. Sometimes clients can expect the world from a cleaning lady when in fact, they are just human. Expecting a human to work like a machine and never make a mistake is disheartening. There is no perfect cleaning and there is always room for improvement. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Dismissing your technician’s cleaning ability after they miss one or two misses can be very upsetting. Open communication with the company and your maidis essential in creating an effective, professional relationship which is beneficial for everyone. This will optimize your cleaning and ensure you will all be on the same page. Discussing what the technician missed is essential for their own personal growth and ensuring your expectations are met.

They Are Not Respected

If the client does not respect the technicianit can be detrimental for the professional relationship. Expecting your home cleaning service to provide the same technician at the same time every week isn’t realistic. We had a client cancel service because our technician needed to take a vacation for a week . To us, this is quite disrespectful. Understanding that your maid is human, needs breaks, and is entitled to time off like you is a huge joy for the technician. The house cleaning industry has the highest turnover rate among all industries. Yet, many maid services still guarantee the same cleaner. Due to turnover, attrition, sick days, and vacation, there is no way a cleaning company can guarantee the same technician every time. If the answer is yes then they are lying to you. The honest answer would be to maintain the same technician as long as possible, without guarantee. Understandably, you would like the same technician who you are familiar with. However, if you’re working with a trusted, reputable company then all employees should be trustworthy and well trained for the job at hand.

A Good Cleaning Takes Time

Clients that are not of the opinion that a good cleaning takes time is a huge fear of cleaners Chicago. It is easy to assume that the job is easy, that can be done quickly. Cleaning ladies need more time to do additional tasks. Trying to squeeze more tasks into your maid’s scope when they don’t have time is unacceptable. If you need more tasks done, the technician needs more time and that needs to be paid for. If you just had a party or the condition of the home is worse than usual, let the office know and authorize more time.. She’ll need it! Many of us quickly brush over the surfaces of our home, quickly making the home look cleaner on the outset. In fact, when hiring a maid for Chicago your home have full sanitation and be cleaner to a deeper level. The aim of a cleaning company is to free up time in your life and create a healthy environment for your family. A standard cleaning may take a few hours for one person as they are working hard to clean your home from ceiling to floor and paying more attention to detail than you may yourself. A good clean takes time for the health of you and your family.

That’s the truth behind hiring a professional maid for Chicago, so why wait?! Get a free quote or Let us know your tips to best understand your maid service NOW!



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