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How to Find The Right Maid for You

July 3, 2018

With so many companies on the market, it can be difficult to find the right maid service Chicago for you. Some companies offer solo cleaning, some offer weekly or monthly discounts- there is just so much choice. There’s a myriad of companies however in order to wean out the bad ones you must question aspects of a company and how they operate. If you are not fully aware of how the industry works then you may be blindsided by the company. We are here to tell you the secrets of how to find the right maid for you.

Try Unbiased Review sites

Sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook ensure clients get a stand out service every time. With unfiltered reviews from real paying customers, the sites ensure you can make an educated purchase on who to hire. As consumers, we are quick to mention everything that a company does wrong and are slower to appreciate the good. Companies with really good ratings tend to be commendable and ones that you can trust. They allow an interaction between business and their customers- allowing the customer to share their true experience while also giving the business a chance to share their side of a particular issue. Having an unbiased platform is essential for new potential customers. It allows them to make an educated and informed purchase.

Ask Questions to find the right maid for you

When booking a maid service, you need to ask questions in order to find the truth. So many companies will try to pull the wool over your eyes and convince you that their service is right for you. Don’t jump for joy when you hear a low quote- a low price may cost you more later. The cost reflects highly on the service that you will be receiving. The price you pay = initial price + time spent managing the cleaning + the stress created by the service. The purpose of a maid company is to free up your time, reduce stress and help you lead a worry free life. The cheaper price will cost you more in the long run- you will waste time going back and forward receiving unhelpful customer service revealing an untrustworthy company.

Ask Yourself- Who Would You Trust in Your Home?

One of the most shocking things that goes on in the maid service industry is that companies use independent contractors. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. This means if you get an independent contractors to clean your home, the maid service is not committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. Instead, the cleaning company put profit first at all cost. Employees tend to be trained to the highest standard. The best cleaning companies ensure their employees go through a strenuous hiring process and have the same cleaning ability across the board. Not to mention, when a cleaning company hires an employee- they go through a hiring process, they are screened and background checked. Independent contractors are not screened and background checked- they could be anyone. Would you trust a stranger in your home?