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“Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago. I love working with kids and helping people- that’s why I love being a maid for Chicago. The person that holds my heart is a little person called Jasmine. She is my daughter and my world. For her, I do not aim for perfection, because no one is perfect. I just aim to be best that I can be! Fresh Tech Maid ensure my family and I are happy and healthy, that’s why they are the best cleaning service Chicago.”

7 Secrets You Must Know to Get the
Best Maid Service Chicago

Hiring a maid service Chicago can be a strange and new experience. A good maid service is in short supply. Learning how to work with your your service is vital to reduce your stress and get your money’s worth. Today we will explain what you need to do in order to understand your maid service Chicago and get the best possible experience that you can implement TODAY!

1. Communicate!

Lay out your expectations. If you would like a focus on the floors, let them know! How can you expect your maid service Chicago to know what is important to you without saying it? Explaining what to focus on shows a mutual respect for your maid and the company. Opening up to your cleaning lady about your concerns within your home ensures you are on the same page and she has a greater understanding about your life and home while also establishing a trusting relationship between you both.

Your cleaning technician should be open and proactively seek for your priorities and expectations- it is your home after all and you know it best. Telling your technician what to focus on allows your needs to be met and it is setting them up to do a job well done.

2. Manage Your Expectations


There are only great cleanings, no perfect ones.
You must have reasonable expectations for your maid service Chicago. Cleaning companies generally do maintenance cleaning in order to maintain the health and well being of the home, not restoration cleaning.

Restoration cleaning is defined as the kind of cleaning that require access beneath a surface.  Typical restoration cleanings include:  grout cleaning, certain stains that penetrated through a surface like mold which also often grows under surfaces, and painted walls as cleaning may damage the surface.  Restoration cleaning is a specialty.  Typical Chicago maid service does not handle restoration cleanings that often involve the re-shaping of surfaces.

Sometimes stains such as coffee which penetrate the surface can be extremely difficult for you cleaning technician to tackle. Stains like this may be out of their scope as it takes a much deeper clean and greater solution to fix. You may have to find alternative solutions to this problem either yourself or with other professionals in order to fully solve the problem.

Expecting the technician to deal with microorganisms like mold and tasks that are way outside their scope is unfair. For example, they cannot be expected to clean grout without proper sealing. This may seriously effect their health and well being and should be dealt with by a professional. Being empathetic to your cleaning technician in these situations will seriously improve your relationship.

Find out how to get rid of mold HERE.

Cleaning technicians should not deal with mold as it is much more than just a bad surface. Your cleaning technician can remove it temporarily however a professional needs to be called in order to get rid of it fully.

The other two factors that should impact your expectations are the size of your home and the level of dirt involved.

Cleaning takes time. As a result, the larger the home, the more time it will take for your maid service Chicago to complete the job. Generally the cost of a maid service is calculated by man hours x an hourly rate. Depending on these factors, the price could even double or triple due to the condition or size of the home.

The level of dirt in a home heightens the amount of time needed to clean the home. For example, to clean an average kitchen it would take our technicians about 30 to 40 minutes to complete with general use. We have however come across kitchens with high levels of dirt and oil that has taken our technicians up to four hours to complete. As cleaning takes time, in order to get a job done thoroughly and well it will take more time than usual. Another example of when there may be more time needed due to more dirt may be post construction. White dust which is left post construction may circulate the rooms for weeks after the work has been done. This is due to the ventilation system and cannot be fixed. When hiring a cleaning company, just one cleaning will not fix your problem due to the resettlement of dust. It takes many cleanings in order to fully fix the issue.

As a result, if the level of dirt is much higher than normal or the home is bigger than expected, then the price will be higher.


3. Understand

In the last section we discussed the impact of the size of the home and the level of dirt on the time needed to clean. Smart maid service consumers understand the above and handles the following with sensitivity and understanding:

  1. If more tasks are added or the level of dirt is greater than anticipated, authorize more time and pay more.
  2. For a larger home, have a priority list. In this way, more value is created with lower cost because the most important areas of the home are cleaned.
  3. Again, for larger homes it is best to have a rotation plan, especially if the home does not have a lot of use. Having a rotation plan allows some compromise for you and the technician giving the manageable tasks and an acceptable budget for you.
  4. A crucial step in working with your maid service is providing feedback for your cleaning technician. This ensures that you can find a solution to any of your problems.

A maid service frees up your time and ensures you have the means to do what you need to do in order to succeed in life. Think about how much time you spend cleaning a week- by hiring a cleaning company, not only will the job be done better but you can free up hours during the week that you can use how you please. Hiring a maid service can ensure you have the chance to succeed in life and enjoy it to the fullest with those who matter the most to you.

4. Respect

Show that you respect them and that you care as they are doing a great service for you in your home.

Giving them correct working conditions ensures they can work as efficiently as possible and get the job done. Putting the AC on during the summer and the heating in the winter is a prime example of this. Another example is helping with parking, especially in the busy city of Chicago and giving them feedback about parking in your area. Your technician should not be expected to carry their tools very far especially during the hot summers and harsh winters. They are carrying a heavy load so showing some compassion and helping out with parking can go a long way.

Understanding that if you add more tasks, allow for more time and as a result, a higher price. As I previously mentioned, cleaning takes time. Pestering them to do more for you with the same amount of time puts them under a lot of pressure and as a result can effect the cleaning.

Needing more time is an issue that you should bring up with the office and not your technician in your home. It will just cause them stress and may even effect their job performance. There should be a customer service representative with you throughout the cleaning, checking up and ensuring it is going smoothly. They are the person who you must voice your concerns to as they have a greater understanding of the timing, scheduling and charges. This shows that the company has integrity and truly cares about you and the cleaning.

Respect also means that you understand they, like other professionals, need vacation time and they also occasionally get sick. We encountered a client who once cancelled service because the regular cleaning technician requested time off to go on vacation. Respect means that you will accept the substitute cleaning technician and help them to achieve the same high quality job. Sometimes there can be a disadvantage to having the same technician every time. A fresh set of eyes can often find the misses of the previous cleaning technician and therefore result in a higher quality cleaning.


5. Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Praise what your maid has done well- they deserve it! Like any human being, they want to be recognized for a job well done. If they WOW’d you by making your kitchen baseboards shine, let them know! Text or call the office, leave them a tip or just acknowledge their hard work.

While you must praise, don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback for improvements. They want to improve so respectfully telling them things they have missed can bring it to their attention so they can grow in their profession. Growth ensures they can excel in their career and continually become better at what they do.

We all make mistakes. Highlighting one or two things that the technician can improve on can only help them grow. It ensures that what they are missing can be brought to their attention and be aware of it when they do their next cleaning.

Cleaning is a tough, physical job. Cleaning ladies dedicate their lives to doing tasks in order to make your life easier. They tend to be on their feet all day and have several homes to clean, therefore the acknowledgement of a job well done can mean the world. It shows that you really appreciate them and how they are truly positively impacting your family.

Ensure that you shout about your love for your maid service Chicago. Unbiased review sites like Yelp, BBB, Google and Facebook all rely on your feedback in order for other consumers to make informed decisions. Tell them what you love about your service!


6. Be Professional

Your house cleaner is someone who is providing you with a service, you should treat them how you want to be treated. Listening, great communication and support highlight a mutual respect between you both.

There is a line between professional and personal that neither client nor the technician should cross.  Soliciting a cleaning technician to work for a client on the side passes this line.  Almost all maid services Chicago have Terms of Service that require clients to pay substantial money when hiring their employees.  Such kind of “stealing of employees” create financial obligation to the maid service, ranging from $2000 to $5000 per employee.  Such a solicitation also puts the cleaning technician in an uncomfortable position that they are required to report it to the company.  The best strategy is always honesty.

Keeping the relationship professional and not breaching the line is a huge part of maid service etiquette. They are providing you with a service after all. There is no need to intrude on their personal life and vise versa. They may be in your home but they are providing you with a professional service. Getting very involved with your cleaning technician’s personal life can affect that relationship and is not beneficial to either parties.

In terms of the services that they provide, always handle the pricing and scheduling related issues with the office and never your technician. Some of the bigger decisions are out of their hands. Burdening them with issues they cannot control can harm their performance.

7. Give Notice As Early As Possible If Schedule Changes

Nobody likes surprises. When you need to cancel or reschedule your service you should give them as much notice as you can. Accidents happen, we all know that you may have to cancel last minute at times but trying to minimize that is essential.

Each cleaning technician has a schedule which they must abide to. Giving notice about a cancellation or reschedule can ensure both parties are happy as the cleaning can be arranged when you want and the technician can have another job. Last minute cancellations can result in no work for the technicians – sometimes even less pay than anticipated and the disappointment of so many others if they wanted to get their homes cleaned in the mean time.

Late cancellations can also end in cancellation fees if they are very last minute which can be a unnecessary burden to you and your wallet.

Scheduling a regular weekly, bi- weekly or monthly service will ensure you have a routine and develop a close relationship with your company. The best house cleaning services have discounts for regular users, they depend on how frequently you schedule the service. They can range from 5- 20%! This discount goes a long way and you will be able to see the benefits immediately. Creating a schedule allows you to develop a relationship with the company and they will ensure to help you as much as they can if you would like to reschedule or cancel your cleaning.


Once you find the best house cleaning service for you and apply these tips, you will have a great experience. To get a price on a house cleaning today, click the button below and book online and let us know if you have any more tips on how to find the best maid service Chicago.




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