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Certified Maid Service Chicago Cleaner: Sinthia

“Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago. Love working with kids and helping people. The person that holds my heart and hopes is a little person called Jasmine. She is my daughter. She is my world. For her, I do not aim for perfection, because no one is. Just be best that you can be!”

Chicago Maid Service Allows Angela to Have More Free Time for Her Family

Angela is a busy mom and designer. Between running her home based business and juggling the schedules of her young family, she hardly has any time to breathe, let alone keep her home clean enough for her own high standards. She was doing well until the first baby came, doubling and diversifying the messes she had to deal with.  Finally she caved.

She told us that it took her too long to research Chicago maid services due to her pride as a housewife. But eventually she found Fresh Tech and has never looked back. Despite the long list of similar (but certainly not equal) “super low priced” companies bragging about how great their services are, Angela says she picked us for two reasons.

A Chicago Maid Service Who Cares for the Community and the Health of Families

First, with 18-month old daughter and a pet, she had to be absolutely sure that they would be safe. Fresh Tech is a rather unique maid service Chicago in the chemical free approach, which is obviously 100% safe around our clients, their families, and the environment. Second, she heard about the charitable work we do for sick children. She says she could tell we were a company that truly cared about the city she loves. Finally, the top rating from maid service Chicago Yelp confirmed her assessment of Fresh Tech Maid.

I Am Thankful!

We have now been cleaning her four bedroom, three bath house on a bi-weekly basis for the past two years. She enjoys the peace of mind Fresh Tech affords her as she fully trusts our team in her home and around her possessions. Rightly so, as we rigorously screen our employees and do our best to keep them happy, increasing loyalty as well as productivity.

Perhaps her favorite feature of being a Fresh Tech customer is our ultra-convenient online booking. She already lives on the Internet and through our website it is easy to schedule and reschedule appointments, update personal information, and even submit detailed instructions for each cleaning.

All in all, Angela says she is thankful she found Fresh Tech Maid after hired King of Maid Chicago and Merry Maid Chicago.  She has sent several of her friends and family members our way. According to her, it is no wonder that Fresh Tech is rated the best maid service Chicago by the Best Pick Report.

Why Fresh Tech Maid Love to Serve Clients from Chicago?

We value Angela and other clients like her. We strive to serve as the top maid service Chicago with the highest client service standard. It is our belief that businesses should do their best to serve the people of the communities that support them. And we will wait for no other company to lead the way in this regard. Our focus is our clients and the city we call home.

Fresh Tech loves Chicago for what it is: a fast-paced metropolis with a progressive population. We value the diversity we see on a daily basis and take pride in our ability to save people time and make their lives easier. We also appreciate the opportunity to do business in a city that values chemical free cleaning for the sake of children, adults, pets, and the Earth itself.


Customer Testimonials

“Fresh Tech is the best!  It is great about scheduling and communication. It is nice that they give a one-hour window and stick to it. Each technician has been polite and they all do a great job! They always left our house super clean with chemical free cleaning.  Thank you!”

Nancy, Chicago, IL

“We have been using Fresh Tech for about 1 1/2 years now and are very satisfied.  It took me a while to find such a great Chicago maid service. They take suggestions well and our home always looks terrific. I would recommend Fresh Tech to anyone who is looking for a top notch Chicago maid service!”

Tom, Chicago, IL

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