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Covid-19 Buster Program

Safer Households = Safer Communities.

Let’s work together to keep our households and communities safe in every way that we can. When it comes to cleaning, Fresh Tech Maid is on the front lines of protecting you and your family. As an essential business we have found it our duty to create a specialized cleaning service, specifically for protection from harmful virus’s. Keeping your home clear of infectious diseases is the best way to protect your loved ones. We hold these values true and  this is why Fresh Tech Maid is very proud to be the only Evanston maid service offering a full-scale Covid-19 buster program. 


Our technicians have undergone extensive training on disinfecting for the Coronavirus and take all necessary safety precautions when performing a cleaning. Through education in new methods, the Fresh Tech Maid staff knows how to properly clean your house for Coronavirus. Whether in the office or on the job, all employees have been closely following the CDC guidelines and understand the safest practices when it comes to getting back to work.

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You Can Relax in Your Clean Home.

We know that providing a safe environment for your family is priceless. You’ll find relaxation knowing that your home isn’t facilitating infectious disease, this is why we go the extra mile.  In order to safeguard your home our technicians will conduct a complete disinfecting of the high touch areas throughout common places in your house such as the kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms. For a complete list of these high touch areas that will be disinfected see our service page. We use a highly effective medical grade disinfecting product that is sure to kill off any lingering harmful viruses. 



We’re Setting a New Standard for Quality Care.

Our technicians are truly the backbone of this business, because if this we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe. Other cleaning services won’t even offer their technicians the proper gear to keep them safe, that is not the case for Fresh Tech Maid. All of our cleaning technicians are now equipped with extensive measures of personal protection equipment including: face shields, safety gowns, shoes wraps and disinfecting wipes.


We have gone through extensive training with our employees and they are very knowledgable about how to disinfect an environment properly, keeping coronavirus out of your home. In an effort to keep our customers and technicians safe, we have developed a client pre-screening process to make sure our technicians aren’t entering a dangerous environment. To take it a step further, Fresh Tech is the only Chicago maid service that is requiring employees show a negative test for Covid-19 every two weeks. 




Covid-19 buster | Maid service chicago | fresh tech maid | maid service arlington heights

We Love Our Evanston Community!

Facing the wake of the Coronavirus has been extremely difficult for everyone in this country. As an essential business, we find it as our duty to be a critical part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem. We want our clients to feel like their home is a safe haven for them and their families, instead of being fearful of their environments. This is why we have created the Covid-19 buster program. We will do everything we can possibly do to make sure our friends and families of this community are safe from the Coronavirus.