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How To Find Reliable Housekeeping Services

July 6, 2017

The most important factor to consider when hiring reliable apartment maid services in Chicago is whether or not the cleaners are trustworthy people. Many companies do not even screen their employees for friendly, honest, personalities. To be fair, you can’t really know that you are finding the right person to help your family until they show up, do the job, and you spend some time getting to know them. It is essential to verify if housekeeping services are performing in line with your expectations so you can be happy in your Chicago clean home. There are several ways that you can do this, both before and after your cleaner visits your home for the first time.

Leave Feedback

A good way to check if you have found reliable housekeeping services is to leave feedback after the maid leaves your home. They should respond to you no matter what, but especially if you have a complaint about your current cleaner. Does the company address your concerns quickly and take action to remedy the situation? Do they reflect and learn from the problem to ensure that it never happens again? If not, then it is hard to imagine that this service really cares about your family’s well-being and will work with you to customize and optimize your cleaning service plan.

“Test” Your Housekeeping Services

Another way to ensure you have found reliable housekeeping services and the trustworthiness of your cleaner is to “test” them in certain ways. This may seem unnecessary, but when it comes to your home and family, you need to be sure in your heart and mind that you or your loved ones are not being taken advantage of. A good way to do this is to leave small amounts of cash or inexpensive jewelry lying around when they come to clean, and see if they handle these items with respect and the highest level of trustworthiness. If they do, then you know you’ve found a good cleaner for your home and family. If they don’t, it’s time to research other cleaning services in your area who have high ratings and positive customer reviews.

Monitor Behavior

If you are really concerned about how your cleaner behaves around your house and family, you could install cameras in your home to monitor their behavior for a short time. You could also come home at unexpected times of the day to try to catch them off-guard. However, you should cease this behavior once you are certain that you have found a reliable cleaning service and that your cleaner is taking good care of your family and your home.

At Fresh Tech Maids, maid service Chicago, we know that house cleaners truly appreciate the trust you give them. However, trust must be earned. This is why it is important to monitor house cleaners to see if they are indeed trustworthy, because you are placing the most important things in their care.

Fresh Tech Maids is one of the most awarded companies. We take tremendous pride in the screening of all of our cleaners. If any of our customers feels that their maid is not living up to the highest of standards, we encourage the customers to contact us so that we can rectify the situation. Fortunately, this is a rare occasion for Fresh Tech Maids.