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Rug Cleaning

June 18, 2020

We Don’t Specialize in Everything

At Fresh Tech Maid, we have numerous specialization areas that we are very proud of. This includes things such as chemical free cleaning as well as upholding high standards for our technician training process. However, there are instances in which cannot provide certain services, and rug cleaning is one of them.

Rug Cleaning is a Specialized Trade

Rug cleaning is one of those things that’s best left up to professionals. There are many carpet cleaners in the Chicago area that are skilled and able to complete this kind of work to a certain standard of excellence. We truly care about your home, and we wouldn’t want to sell you on something we aren’t qualified to deliver. Companies who specialize in rug cleaning will have the proper tools and equipment that we, at Fresh Tech Maid, simply don’t have.

Staying True to Our Values

As you most likely know, we are very proud to be the only maid service in Chicago to utilize green cleaning practices. We find it so important to stay true to our promise of servicing your house through a chemical free process. Proper rug cleaning, however, requires the deployment of many harsh chemicals that we will not use for it would take away from our integrity as a chemical free company.

What We Will Do

Fresh Tech Maid always aims to satisfy our customers within our means. With this being said, if a customer is insisting on having our technicians perform a rug cleaning, we will do our best. However, we do not recommend this because our technicians are not trained or qualified to properly clean a customers rug.

While we are unable to offer every service under the umbrella of a home cleaning, we are always striving to perfect what we can do. When it comes to maid services in Chicago you can always count on Fresh Tech Maid to be honest with our customers. If you have something that you wish to be included in the scope of your cleaning, please let us know. We are always happy to help!