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Same Day Cleaning Service Chicago

July 1, 2020

Convenience Is Great Isn’t It?

Yes, we absolutely agree! As a society, we place such a high value on things being convenient for us. As a matter of fact, companies that solve issues related to convenience usually excel, consider Amazon for example. While we love these kinds of services, there are certain things that just can’t be delivered as “next day.” A same day cleaning service Chicago is one of these.

A Busy Industry

Here’s the real reason why most maid services don’t offer same day cleaning service Chicago. It’s a busy industry! We always do our best to schedule you at the time you desire, this involves a fine balancing of technicians schedules and availability. While a same day cleaning service Chicago would be absolutely amazing, the fact of the matter is that our technicians are almost always booked for the upcoming week. The upside of this is that we finalize bookings days before the actual schedule date, so our clients and technicians can be well prepared for when the cleaning is to actually take place.

Cost Savings

We all love to save money right? Can you imagine how expensive a same day cleaning service Chicago will be? The reason why this is so costly is because it requires the maid service Chicago to keep technicians on stand by all day just incase there is a request for a same day service. In order for the company to afford this, it will require them to raise prices in order to pay the maids that are waiting for a same day cleaning Chicago.

The Care That Goes Into Your Home Cleaning

For this maid service Chicago, we know the amount of thought behind your home cleaning. We place a high value on understanding your home and the needs behind it before we arrive for your cleaning. Same day cleaning Chicago does not allow for this valuable time, and therefore produces a less effective cleaning. Given time to properly plan your home cleaning we can make sure that it is efficient, economical and effective.