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How to Keep Sororities Clean, Organized and Healthy

November 9, 2018

Do you struggle keeping your sorority house clean? With all the people in the house it is easy to get overwhelmed by the mess. We at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago clean sororities all the time and we will give you the top tips on how to keep them clean and healthy.

Make House Director’s Job Easier!

Fresh Tech Maid’s Sororities Cleaning Service focuses on helping the House Director. We customize our tasks based on the House Director’s preferences and directions. All our cleaning technicians speak fluent English and we can provide customized cleaning!

100% Availability, Even When Our Technician Is Sick!

With more than 25 cleaning technicians, Fresh Tech Maid provides a team of trained cleaning technicians who know your Sorority really well. If one cleaning technician is sick, others can jump in to provide reliable and consistent service. We will never leave you uncared for!

Invest Time to Truly Know the Sorority

Our Client Service Manager will develop a customized cleaning program with the House Director. The program will be reviewed carefully by our English speaking cleaning technicians. We will optimize the cleaning to the House Director’s complete satisfaction. We will not stop, until then!

Respect Privacy with Minimum Interruption!

We will design our cleaning process to respect and protect privacy. We will also minimize interruption by understanding residence’s activity flow. If there is an unexpected situation, do not worry! All our cleaning technicians are fluent in English. They are trained to listen and adjust to provide the best cleaning service available.

Hire, Train, and Motivate Cleaning Technicians for the House Director!

As a top cleaning company Chicago according to the Best Pick Report, we have the deepest expertise and the excellent record in screening, hiring, and motivating cleaning technicians. We do so, so that the House Director does not need to!

Adjust Cleaning based on Holidays and Summer Break

During key holidays and events, we will clean deeper or lighter based on your specific needs. During summer breaks, we can also adjust the cleaning frequency to save money for the Sorority. Your needs are #1 and we will always do our best to support!