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How To Teach Kids To Clean Up

July 6, 2017

It’s impressive how good children are at creating messes, but an Arlington Heights maid service can help! Playing with a new toy is so much fun, but afterward it’s usually the parents who are left cleaning up the clutter. Wells Ye, founder of Fresh Tech Maid house, wants to help you save time and energy by providing a few techniques how to teach kids to clean up after playtime!

Give Incentives

An incentive doesn’t necessarily mean you give something to your kids. It can also mean you take away something. For example, if your kids are not cooperating during cleanup time, you can respond by putting away their favorite toys for a few days, or even say you’ll donate them if they are not willing to clean up. This technique will vary depending on the age of the child and the situation at hand, but  how to teach kids to clean up by starting out slow.

Establish Structure

Create structure for your kids by stating that they cannot take out a new toy until they are done putting away the toys that they are finished playing with. Teach kids that cleaning up is a necessary part of the day, and that it’s a good thing to put toys away and in their proper places.

Be Calm

Coming home after a stressful day to a play time mess is no fun! Instead of shouting, yelling, or nagging at your kids to get a chore finished, try to calmly ask them to clean up later when things are not so stressful. Some parents have found it helpful to set a timer, so the kids know when it’s time to start cleaning. Doing something like this can help prevent unnecessary drama or tension in the home, as increased nagging will only push your kids farther away from learning the benefits of organization and tidiness.

Clean-Up Can Be Fun!

When did anyone say that cleanup time has to be boring? Not Wells Ye of Fresh Tech Maid Service Arlington Heights, IL! Consider making a game out of it by using a timer to see how fast your children can clean up their space. You can even help by doing it with them!

Music Can Help

Music is a great way to get the kids enthusiastic about tidying around the house. Music increases energy levels and eliminates stress. Sit with your children and create a play list of their favorite songs, so they can enjoy their music while they clean.

Rephrase Your Requests

Confrontation with your child is never easy, especially regarding their messes. Try to avoid sayings things that make both of you anxious, needy, or impatient because it only makes them more likely to ignore your request to clean. Try something like “It would be nice if you could clean up your toys,” or “If you clean up your toys, we will have more time to do a fun activity together like go to the park or have a family movie night.” Teach kids with this type of positive reinforcement because it can make a world of difference!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Organize chores into smaller activities for your children, so that they won’t be as overwhelmed or exhausted by the end of a cleanup. Chores can sometimes become scary or overwhelming to children if not broken down into smaller steps. By giving small cleanup tasks, children feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. It also keeps them focused and organized as these skills, developed during childhood, can create positive and successful habits for the future.

Cleaning begins with the right mindset and a positive atmosphere. As a parent, you must remember this when enforcing chores upon your children.