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Cleaning Technician Vs. Maids

February 12, 2014

When you call up an maid services Arlington Heights and inquire about their services, do you know if they are going to send out a cleaning technician, or a maid? Believe it or not, those two are not interchangeable, and there is quite a difference between them. Look at it this way, a cleaning technician is someone who specializes in their trade. On the contrary, a maid is someone who cleans a house, office, or other space. They know only a limited amount of information regarding the process. With this knowledge in mind, which would you rather have clean your house: a technician, or a maid?

Here at Fresh Tech Maid, our technicians are so highly selected and well trained in techniques and science that we can only call them “technicians” because of the special skills that they possess. We only hire one out of one hundred applicants because of our hiring standards, and only want to find the most trusted and well trained professionals in our industry. The right candidate must have three critical qualifications:

1. Honesty and trustworthiness.

We put each of our applicants through a rigorous interview and quiz process in order to weed out the ones who do not have the right work ethic or values. This means that each of our technicians is willing to work hard, and was raised with this in mind. A good work ethic is not something that can be taught.

2. A solid ability and willingness to learn.

Before a cleaning technician goes out to clean our client’ homes, they are put through a very intense training process. They learn our proprietary methods, as well as basics on green and chemical free cleaning. They also learn how to clean everything the Fresh Tech Maid way – that is, the right way. Because of this, we only want to hire the people who are willing to go through this process and take it all in.

3. The mentality to do the job correctly each and every time.

Sometimes mistakes happen. We understand that. But, it takes a certain amount of mental prowess to do the job correctly. Attention needs to be paid to detail, and our methods and techniques need to be utilized. Otherwise, the clean will not be done right, and our clients will not be happy. This is why we seek out the best candidates –a cleaning technician that is capable of doing their job.

A standard maid might have some of the above qualities, but this is very uncertain because most Arlington Heights maid services do not hire based on the above standard. Since the maid applicants did not need to go through the same process that we put our technicians through, much lower quality applicants were likely hired. Because of this, many clients tend to go through a hit-or-miss process to locate a reasonable maid, which can easily become a very time consuming and risky process.

With each new technician, we provide intensive training for two weeks, and continued training after that. This way our technicians know the right ways to clean our clients’ homes on their first day out on their own. The additional training is done throughout the year when necessary.

Our new training is focused on the following technical areas:

1. Client service capabilities. Yes, the main focus is on the client’s house, but the client needs to be properly serviced as well. There are several important things that each technician needs to know in this particular area before they complete their training.

2. Techniques, including chemical free cleaning methods. Our techniques are different than others, since we are chemical free. This means that each new technician must learn how to clean without the use of harsh solvents. It can be done successfully, as long as they know the right way to accomplish it.

3. Cleaning science, such as chemistry, safety, breakage prevention, and key drivers. Our company is chemical free, so this can be quite a change for some technicians. In order to clean according to our standards and follow our techniques and methods, they need to understand how chemical free cleaning works. These are necessary things that our technicians need to know in order to be successful.

4. Problem solving. Sometimes our technicians are faced with something that they were not trained for. Whether it is a tough stain or some other issue, they need to know how to solve the problem. This is where this portion of the training comes in.

In contrast to all of this, maids usually have no training at all.  Instead, they work like a regular lay person, with a much slower speed and a quality that is inadequate at best. They are also at a higher risk for breakage, and can damage sensitive surfaces due to their lack of knowledge.

On top of the trustworthiness and extensive training that our technicians must have, they are fully insured through Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Business Liability Insurance. We do this in order to not only comply with government regulations, but also to give our clients complete peace of mind. Maids usually do not have any insurance, leaving clients exposed to catastrophic financial and legal risks. They are usually independent contractors, who also are not covered by Workers’ Compensation.

After the highly selective process, the intensive and continued training, and the comprehensive insurance, what we are left with (although this is a bit of a misnomer) is a true professional who is able to provide the highest possible quality of service to our clients.