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What are the Dirtiest Areas of the Home?

November 9, 2018

Dirt and grime can get built up in areas where you least expect it. Different areas of the home can get dirtier than others for different reasons. We at Fresh Tech Maid, the best cleaning service Arlington Heights are here to expose them and bring these areas of the home to your attention.

Door Knobs and Light Switches

As these are high touch point areas of the home, they are prone to be dirtier than most. As they are so small, it is easy to overlook them when cleaning the home. They have a huge germ concentration because everyone in the home must touch them to get around.

Pet Bowl

Your dog or cat’s food bowl should be cleaned daily in order to keep it clean. Your pets may be outside and bring many germs and bacteria. The bowl is a feeding ground for not only germs, but mold and yeast too. Ensure to clean it daily and disinfect it every week to keep you and your animal’s health in tip top shape.

Kitchen Sponge

With the moisture from cleaning dishes, the food particles and the warmth of the kitchen, a kitchen sponge in fact can hold more bacteria than anywhere else in your home. Replacing your sponge weekly and disinfecting it daily is essential to keep a healthy kitchen.


Again, these high touch items is prone to harboring bacteria. We touch our phones, cash and other devices and then don’t think twice about changing the television channel. Make sure to sanitize your remote controls when cleaning the rest of your home!


As a top rated maid service Arlington Heights, we know how to clean homes effectively. If you would like a deep cleaning of your home, look no further than Fresh Tech Maid. Call (847) 392-0888 or book a cleaning online in under 60 seconds!