When you think about doing a spring cleaning, you probably aren’t considering your closet as part of the process. However, closets are prime space for attracting dirt, dust and clutter! This spring, take some time to clear out and organize your closet, so you can make lots of room for your warm-weather wearables. We know it’s hard to get motivated for any kind of cleaning projects, so here are a few tips from the house cleaning experts at Fresh Tech Maid Service Chicago.

  1. Get Pumped!

Clearing out your closet can be time-consuming and stressful, so make sure you have some energizing music ready to go! You could even invite some of your friends over and make a day of dancing and sweater eradication. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the time will fly when you’re cleaning to your favorite music!

  1. Clear It Out

Though this may seem counter-intuitive, the first step is to pull all the clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything else out of your closet. Dump it on the floor, the bed, or wherever you have room. This may be anxiety-inducing at first, but it is definitely the best way to take stock of your inventory. You will probably uncover some hidden items in the back of the closet that you had forgotten about as well. Once you have everything cleared away, take this opportunity to clean! Make sure you thoroughly vacuum the closet floor and the hard to reach corner areas, as well as wipe down all surfaces and doors.

  1. Sort and Pile

The next order of business when sorting through the closet is to see exactly what you have. Create three piles: definitely no, maybe, and definitely yes. Put things in the “no” pile that you have not worn in quite a while, or that you are no longer comfortable in. This can be a time for some good friendly honesty on whether something is a keeper or not! The “yes” pile is for items you regularly wear. The “maybe” pile is the trickiest, so here is a helpful guideline: if you have not touched it in a year, get rid of it! This leaves no room for excuses like saving something for the right season or occasion.

  1. Organize

Now that you have everything sorted, it is time to put the “yes” pile back in the closet. But, don’t just dump it in there, hang everything up and organize all the items in a way that will be easiest to you. Some people like to organize by season, by color, or by style; whatever works for you!

  1. Clean Up and Donate

At this point, you should be left with a sizeable pile of unwanted clothes on your bedroom floor. Don’t just throw these out, rather make sure you look into donation options! Some resale boutiques may pay good money for clothes that remain in good condition, otherwise you can always donate them to a charitable organizations. Alternatively, this maid service Chicago can always give you some help! With our proprietary cleaner and healthier chemical free cleaning, we clean in a way that our competitors (King of Maids Chicago, Gia’s Cleaning Service Chicago, and E&K Cleaning) do not do.

When you’re ready to tackle your spring cleaning tasks, visit the Fresh Tech Maid house cleaning services Chicago website where you can find a Spring Cleaning Guide that will help you! They know how an organized living space can help you have an organized mind. They are one of the most awarded maid service in Chicago and can help you with your complete home spring cleaning!