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Born in Carpentersville, IL, Joanna is a perfectionist. She loves to learn and improve at all times. She always customizes her cleanings to best fit clients’ needs. She also a vocalists and she loves to travel. In 2016, she successfully completed the Paris Marathon. She is strong, kind and loves being a maid for Arlington Heights.

Your Questions Answered..

Hiring a maid service can be a new experience for you but once you begin service your life will change forever. Some people just need a move out cleaning to get their security deposit back, but the benefits are seen immensely with regular service. Regular service ensures you have free time to spend with your family and spend time on what you want. We get faced with the question so frequently ‘How regularly will I need a maid service Arlington Heights?’ but only YOU can answer that question. We will pose some questions to you today, so you can conclude how often you want this service and how it may change your life for the better.

Why Do You Want A Cleaning Service?

Asking yourself WHY you need a maid service and how much free time you need in your life is essential to finding the best service for you. Do you want more free time to do what YOU want to do? Do you want to excel in your career? Be a successful parent or caring spouse? Hiring a cleaning service is an investment that helps you succeed in any walk of life that you want to succeed in. Think about how much your family earns v. how much a cleaning service will cost you. Having a regular service will ensure your needs are taken care of and your goals are at arm’s reach. Ask yourself, what are you sacrificing by NOT having a cleaning service and having them extra hours in your week.

What Do I Want To Achieve?

The first question you need to ask when considering hiring a maid service is why, why do I want this maid service to begin with? Sure, sometimes people want a move out cleaning to get their security deposit back but most people that use a cleaning service use the service on a regular basis. Do you want a deep clean of your home? Some people do! It is recommended that you deep clean your home at least 3 times a year. As a result, we have some clients who care about the health of their home and call us to do a thorough deep clean every few months. This cleaning includes the refrigerator, hand wiping of the baseboards, wet wiping the window blinds, the closets and more. These are all extras which do not need to be done on a regular basis done to upkeep the home. This is essential to be aware of and not let your home get dangerously dirty in harder to reach places and areas you may miss on an everyday basis.
Most of our clients however get a weekly, bi- weekly or monthly service in order to generally upkeep the home. This is the general cleaning of your home which keeps it fresh and healthy on a daily basis for your family to enjoy. This includes dusting, ceiling fans, window ledges, the floors, the surfaces and appliances in the kitchen and more. The health of your home is so important for everyone living in it. You need to decide why you want a cleaning service and what frequency is right for you.

How many people are in your home?

Naturally, the amount of people you have in your home will increase the level of dirt. As there are more people, the house is getting more use and will get dirtier quicker. Requesting a service once a month will naturally mean that you will still have to maintain lots of time cleaning your home during the rest of the month. Sure, getting a deeper and more thorough clean every month will help, but a more frequent service may serve your family better. Cleaning up after the kids walking through the house with their dirty soccer boots is enough of a chore. You deserve a break more than once a month. Consider a more frequent service like bi-weekly or even weekly! Any reputable cleaning company will have discounts available for regular service, the highest for weekly service in fact. At Fresh Tech Maid we offer a huge 25% discount for weekly service. This is because the task should take less time than the first time for example, we have more control over the level of dirt in the home. Think about this as an investment and how the members of your home could benefit from it.

How many pets do you have?

We all love our pets, they are part of the family. Although your companion may be loving an amazing addition to your home, one thing you must consider is that a lot of the time, your cats and dogs create more of a mess than there would be if they weren’t there. Does your dog shed?! This creates more mess for you to clean which increases the upkeep of the home for you. In addition, they need to be walked everyday so they bring in dirt all the time that you may not have had otherwise. Household pets create a little more As we said previously, the higher the dirt level, the more cleaning you must do. Therefore, you must consider a more regular service such as weekly or bi-weekly to keep up with the mess that they may have made.

What lifestyle do you live?

Your lifestyle has a huge impact on how clean your home is. Depending on your stage of life, your hobbies and career, it can all have a huge impact on your life and how often you can clean. It makes a significant difference to the way you live your life and what you achieve.

You may be a stay at home mom or dad, cooking, making kids lunches and running around making sure the children don’t get into trouble. If this is the case, you spend a lot of time at home, the house it gets more use, it may need more TLC. A more regular service such as bi- weekly or weekly will suit you better as the house is busy and as a result, will be dirtier and this will allow you to spend more time focusing on the kids, the ones that really matter.

If you are a young couple or aren’t home very often due to work commitments, a lighter schedule may suit you better. Choosing a monthly regular service ensures you are keeping your health at it’s top priority while still putting more time into your job and side hustle and climbing the career ladder. A monthly service will ensure the health of your home is at it’s highest standard.

What is the most popular service?

We at Fresh Tech Maid have been in business for 9 years. We have so many happy clients who have signed up for repeat services who’s lives we enhance on a daily basis. You may ask, what is the most popular service that we see? We see most people booking a bi- weekly service and here’s why. After two weeks, cleaning is often needed not just for the cleanliness of the home, but for health.

We may not even know that the home we are living in needs to be sanitized and cleaned because we can’t see it with the naked eye. Chemicals however don’t tend to be the best options as they can often degrade your health. This is especially the case with the elderly, children, pets and those with lowered immune systems. This is due to the dangerous residues left on the surfaces after you use chemicals to clean. When ingested, the chemicals can do serious harm to your body. Not to mention they degrade air quality which also affects the health of your family.

Chemical Free Cleaning is the answer to this problem. We at Fresh Tech Maid the cleaning solution use de-ionized water, or ‘hungry water’ as we like to call it. It is the purest form of water which attracts and dissolves both microorganisms and soil. It is a powerful solvent, which when paired with a microfiber cloth is an extremely good sanitizer. The microfiber cloth has tiny hooks in which trap dirt and sanitize 99% in comparison to a cotton cloth which sanitizes just 33%! This way of cleaning is the leading way to clean not only for your health, but for the earth too. As it does not leave any chemical residues there is no chemical waste! Having a biweekly chemical free cleaning service can ensure you achieve your goals AND the health of your family is taken care of so you don’t have to worry.

Many of our clients told us that a regular maid service is the BEST investment ever! It allows you to be the real you and really pursue what you love to do! You deserve it. Life goes by in a flash, why hold back? What are you waiting for? Do it before it is too late.



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