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Born and raised in Chicago, Rachel always has a wonderful smile on her face. Being a maid for Evanston, she loves to help and being the best part of our clients’ day! She always earns the highest tips because our clients really appreciate her positive attitude and outstanding work! Her work for our cleaning company Evanston doesn’t go unnoticed.

What Cleaner Does My Maid Service Evanston Use?

You may have a regular maid service Evanston, but have you ever thought ‘what cleaners or cleaning solutions are they using in my home?’. There are so many maid services available to you, it is hard to decide on what company to use and trust. Whether you need a maid service one time as you’re moving home or apartment and you need your security deposit back or you simply want to spend more time with your children, there is a maid service out there for you. You may consider the price, the number of cleaners that come to your home or the arrival time, but have you considered the cleaners they use? We’re here today to talk about why the cleaning tools are one of the most important factors in the process of hiring the best cleaning service Evanston as it is essential for the health of your family. Don’t miss out on this vital information, your safety depends on it.

The Danger of Using Chemicals to Clean

It is not widely known how dangerous chemical cleaners are, but they can cause serious harm to you and your family. On average, a home in the US has 63 unsafe chemicals found in cleaning products. This is an aspect of your life that you didn’t even know you were risking or harming others in your home.

Chemicals are extremely dangerous as they leave behind dangerous residues after you use them. Not only that, but they also release dangerous fumes into the air which degrades the air quality. They can be ingested into the body 3 ways. The first way that these dangerous chemicals are ingested is through your pores. Chemical residues can be ingested into your body through your pores when you touch a surface in your home after you have cleaned it. The second, and possibly most dangerous way chemicals can be ingested is through inhalation. This is extremely dangerous as you may not know you are even doing it! If your home does not have enough ventilation, you may not know your body is being harmed. The third way of ingesting these toxic chemicals is through your mouth. Pets and young children are most at risk to this type of ingestion.

So what is so dangerous about these chemicals? Tragically, so many have been linked to scientific studies of several diseases. These diseases include those particularly of the immune system, cancer and asthma. As a result, people with lowered immune systems, pregnant women, young children and pets are most at risk. Why would you want to use chemicals when they cause such harm on your health and the environment?

But Why Do We Use Chemicals Now Then?

There is a history behind the chemical cleaning industry which explains exactly why we now use chemicals to clean our homes. Pre World War II, we used mostly natural products to clean our homes. Following the war, there was a huge growth in the chemical industry which filtered into cleaning products. As the industries boomed, billions of dollars were invested into advertising these products and promoting that this is in fact the most effective way to clean. We have been brainwashed over the years to think that the smell of chemicals means clean when it in fact does not.

What Are The Alternatives?

Luckily, there is an alternative to using chemicals to clean that is just as effective, if not more effective. We have been alluded to think that we need chemicals to clean all our lives however, chemical free cleaning has been a revolutionary change in the cleaning world. Our cleaning ladies at Fresh Tech Maid use chemical free cleaning and have been hugely successful over the past 9 years of business. People of Chicago, Arlington Heights and Evanston LOVE chemical free cleaning and as a result, we are some of the top maid services in these areas.

There are so many chemical free cleaning products that work effectively. De- Ionized water is one of the best. It is a cleaning fluid, the purest form of water without any mineral contaminants. We like to call it ‘hungry’ water as it attracts and dissolves microorganisms and soil. The best part about it is that it only leaves water as a residue which makes it safe for everyone. As we discussed before, when using chemicals to clean, they leave a dangerous layer of chemicals on the surfaces they clean, resulting in dangerous health defects when ingested.

Using de-ionized water with a microfiber cloth is a very effective duo, which makes a great sanitizer. Microfiber cloths trap dirt well as they are composed of tiny wedge hooks and loop- shaped fibers. When cleaning a surface, they catch dirt and dust. They have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the number of bacteria by 33%.

That’s the science behind some of the tools that we at Fresh Tech Maid use however there are so many more forms of chemical free cleaning. Agitation and heat are very effective ways to clean the home. When water boils (212 degrees Fahrenheit), it creates steam. This stream is a really good way to sanitize as it loosens dirt, grease, dust and grime from surfaces and breaks down the bonds between dirt particles. Not only that, but it helps to weaken the molecular bonds, which makes dirt easier to remove. It disinfects while leaving no residues behind while completely sterilizing the surface it was in contact with. Of course, don’t forget you can’t use this on electrical surfaces! A really good product which uses steam is clean is a steam cleaner like this. These work on so many household surfaces such as tile, glass, stainless steel and any other surface which isn’t very porous. Upholstered furniture, carpets, drapes, mattresses, and balustrades are also well-suited to steam cleaning.
If you use chemicals to clean, consider switching to chemical free cleaning for the health of your family. A very good way of cleansing the air is to get a dehumidifier. They deactivate and kill viruses and bacteria, dust, mold spores, pollen and so many other airborne particles while adding moisture to the air. Using spinning disks, they continuously filter out allergens and particles from the air while drawing them into the unit. Not only that, but they regulate temperatures!

Even if you use ‘green’ products, it still not the best for you and the environment. Conventional “green” cleaning products have been designed to include chemicals which are safer and break down more quickly in the environment. These products still contain many chemicals that are not as toxic however when ingested still have a similar effect. Another issue to watch out for is “green washing.” These are marketing tactics that claim certain products are “green” when in reality they contain the same dangerous chemicals.

The Earth Benefits Too..

Not only does it benefit your health, but it benefits the earth too! Chemical free cleaning only leaves water as a residue which makes it extremely effective for the earth. When you use chemicals to clean, they leave so much chemical waste behind them. This is a problem as the waste is almost impossible to break down which is a huge problem for the environment. According to ‘Swalco’, The solid waste agency of Lake County, Illinois, the waste that goes down our household toilets and drains end up in our sewage treatment plants and can eventually negatively impact wildlife, fish and our terrain. Chemicals that end up in our landfill system may transfer into the soil and pollute the surrounding waters. With chemical free cleaning, there is no waste left behind and no dangerous and carcinogenic waste released into the air.

Prove It!

You may be thinking; how do I know you’re telling the truth? The science speaks for itself. Our CEO Wells Ye proved LIVE on FOX how effective chemical free cleaning can be. The science can be seen on the segment, it shows amazing results! We reduce the germ count of the surface from 250 to 3- an ultra-clean and surface just from using our trusted de- ionized water and a microfiber cloth. Fresh Tech Maid has also been featured on both regional and national media networks. Some of the outlets included WGN9, ABC, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald and more!

Not only is chemical free cleaning appreciated by these companies, we measure the quality of chemical free cleaning through our client satisfaction. We have hundreds of reviews on Yelp, Google, BBB, and Facebook explaining how our maid service and the way clean changed their lives. Their homes are left sparkling when we leave, cleaning is visual after all! We can judge how clean a home is by the dust level, soil residue, lack of shine on surfaces and odor. After using chemical free cleaning, you can tell how truly effective it really is.

Make sure to check what cleaners your maid service Evanston uses, the health of your family depends on it.



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