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Maid service Evanston Cleaning Technician Rachel

Rachel, Our Maid Service Evanston Cleaning Technician


Certified Maid Service Evanston Cleaner: Rachel

Born in Chicago and raised in Chicago, Rachel always has wonderful smiles on her face.  She loves to help and being the best part of our clients’ day! She always earns the highest tips because our clients really appreciate her because of her smiles and extra ordinary work!

Rachel Wants to Work with the Best Maid Service Evanston

Rachel is supermom. With two kids and a management career, she describes her free time as “nonexistent.” She never fails to tell our staff that she would be lost without us and we appreciate the opportunity to reduce her workload. Being able to help clients like Rachel is what makes our work so rewarding.

She jokes that we keep her sane. She schedules us every week due to the high amount of volume her home gets. We understand just how difficult it can be to maintain clean living spaces when you have so many children and so little time on your hands. We admire mothers like Rachel, who inspire with their passion and work ethic.

Rachel originally selected us as her Evanston maid service because she had heard of the wonders of chemical free cleaning and wanted to see it for herself. She was not disappointed, and so we have been working with her for the last two years, without a week missed.

The commercial world and even other Evanston maid services would have you think that you need chemicals to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. This is simply not true. In fact, chemical free cleaning is the only type of cleaning that leaves behind no residue. Conventional, and even “green”, cleaning methods leave behind an invisible film of chemicals throughout your home. In many cases, this can be much more harmful than dust and other natural allergens.

Rachel also mentioned that she knows she can trust us with not only her health, but with her home. That one was a big deal to Rachel. She says that she did a lot of research before she selected among Evanston maid services. She learned that we only hire 1% out of Chicago’s best applicants, we have a Better Business Bureau “A” Rating, and we hold the Best Pick Report’s top spot in our industry. For her, it was a no-brainer emphasizing that “In Evanston, Fresh Tech Maid is my only choice.”

Lastly, Rachel says she was impressed by the charitable work we do in the community, offering free service for women with cancer and families with sick children. In love with Evanston, she values companies who take care of their neighbors. To her, it only makes sense to invest in companies that give back. Such exchanges “draw us all closer together,” she insists.


Why Fresh Tech Maid Loves to Work with the Evanston Maid Services Clients?

Progressive ideas only seem natural from the residents of Evanston, home of Northwestern University. One of the finest institutions in the nation, we really enjoy serving the community that surrounds it. Our ultra healthy and environmentally friendly, chemical free approach is unique even in Evanston. But my how its residents love it.

And we are proud to be able to serve such a group of people. It is our pleasure to provide the highest quality service in a paradigm-shifting package. Lifting your load, your health, and your consciousness all in one fell swoop.

Customer Testimonials


“My quiet little angel is named Fresh Tech Maid cleaning tech. She has a terrific eye for even the smallest of details and I feel when she cleans my house, she is cleaning her own. The most amazing thing is she moves things and cleans under them and around them! Everything is where I left it and yet things are magically cleaned. That’s why I call your technician an angel!”

Elizabeth, Evanston, IL


“Fresh Tech Maid is the best. My husband and I are extremely happy with the work the company does for us. They takes their time and is very thorough! The cleaners also have pleasant personality as well.  I love the online booking feature that is so convenient. The client service is also awesome.  This is a great great company!”

Dianne, Evanston, IL

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