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The Price Of Local House Cleaning

We all know the phrase time is money, right? Ask yourself this, how much time do you spend on cleaning your every week? Depending on the size of the family and the home, the scope may change. The home may be bigger, and the level of dirt may be higher than usual depending on the amount of use the home gets. These mundane tasks are the last thing we would like to do with our time. Mopping the floors, dusting and cleaning the stove are all necessary things that need to be done however they are things you may be wasting your time doing. Especially if you have pets, or young children, you have so many more things on your plate that need to be taken care of. Really think about the cost of your time because your time is valuable.

Cheaper Does Not Mean Better.

Sure, there’s plenty of other cleaning services in the Chicagoland area that offer extremely low cleaning rates, but at what cost to you? More often than not, when a company is touting low rates as their main selling points, it’s usually because they are over compensating for a lack of  professionalism and reliability. For home cleaning services, the bottom line is this; when you pay low rates you get low quality.

For Fresh Tech Maid, we embrace the fact that we have higher rates than a lot of our competitors. We feel comfortable with our pricing because we are truly providing a premium service that isn’t found with most Chicagoland maid services. For example, most local companies use independent contractors that get paid low wages, don’t receive proper training and aren’t insured. At Fresh Tech Maid all of our cleaning service technicians are employees of the company that have undergone an extensive training and coaching. Because we hold such high standards for our technicians, we also pay them higher than the industry standard.

You Can’t Put A Price On Your Health

Hiring a cleaning service that reduces your stress is key, stress can lead to a variety of health problems which can seriously affect your future. Not only does a good cleaning company reduce your stress, but one that uses eco friendly chemical free cleaning will extremely enhance your family’s health.

Chemical free cleaning solutions is the leading way to clean, proven LIVE on FOX not only to sanitize surfaces, but to be extremely healthy for your family and the earth. Fresh Tech Maid use the innovative DI Water, water in its purest form which we like to call hungry water. Paired with a microfiber cloth, which has microscopic loops which trap dirt, they effectively sanitize surfaces with no chemical residue.

Some cleaning chemicals leave behind a dangerous residue which when ingested, is extremely harmful for your body and the earth. The consequences of ingesting these chemicals can be deadly. Whether it be ingested through the mouth or in the air, why put your family at this risk? Cancer survivors and patients and those with lowered immune systems are the most at risk. Think of the harm the chemicals could do to their bodies while they are surrounded by chemicals every day?

Asthma and allergies can be heightened by using chemicals to clean and you may not even realize it. Day to day, your life can be extremely affected by these things. Take a look at the products you are using, you never know the effect they might have on you and those around you.

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