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Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our duties at home. From balancing work and life time management time management can become more difficult than expected. Some tasks may suffer negligence owing to the stressful routine. In the course of a fast-moving world, it is pertinent to rely upon quality services when it comes to cleaning and hygiene. Fresh Tech Maid is here to provide a Deer Park maid service that delivers on quality and reliability.

Our Deer Park house cleaning services are designed to help you deal with the anxiety of messy surroundings. In addition to this, our expertise in disinfecting your home is an extra effort to keep you and your family safe. Whether it is the infamous COVID-19 or it is the routine germs, our disinfection services assure you safe surroundings and peace of mind. Being sure about sanitation is the right of every individual, so do not compromise on this right of yours.

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We offer a professional level Deer Park maid Service that is unmatched in the area. Our specialists, technicians, and employees consistently strive to provide quality home cleaning services to you and your family.

We take safety standards extremely serious and go the extra mile for our clients. Fresh Tech Maid is the only maid service in Deer Park that requires all employees to undergo regular COVID-19 testing, to ensure that we aren’t spreading the virus around. Similarly, frequently touched areas are given an emphasis to be exclusively dealt with through our expert disinfecting methods. We consider it mandatory to devise requisite solutions to every differed hygiene problem addressed to our clients. Hence, we assure you that Fresh Tech Maid are deer park cleaning professionals that consider your safety as a priority.

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In the pace of a fast-moving world, it is imperative to take out precious time for family and loved ones. We understand that it is challenging to manage time for efficient cleaning and maintaining a safe home. Without the lingering chore of maintaining a clean house over your head, you’ll find a new opening of free time has emerged in your week.

We want the house cleaning process to be seamless and efficient from start to finish for you. That’s why we created a simple online booking system in which you can get a free estimate, and book your cleaning all in a matter of minutes! Yeah, we’re 21st century savvy, you don’t even have to call us, but you can text us if you’d like!

Our Services

Below is a list of different service plans we offer.


  • Dust and Clean
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms + Living Room
  • Stairs + Hallways
  • Floors



  • All Tasks Under Basic AND Hand Wipe The Following:
  • Baseboards
  • Window Glass (Reachable)
  • Outside Cabinets
  • Blinds
  • Disinfect High Touch Areas
  • Option For 360° Disinfection Of All Surfaces Via Fogging


  • All Tasks Under Plus As Well As Clean And Disinfect The Following:
  • Inside Fridge
  • Inside Drawers/ Cabinets
  • Inside Closets (If Empty)
  • Option For 360° Disinfection Of All Surfaces Via Fogging


Awesome Life Courtesy of Fresh Tech Maid!

Professional House Cleaning Services In Deer Park
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Home Cleaning Protects You From COVID-19

Included with every standard clean is a disinfection of all the high touched areas in your home. We’ve added this to our service for 1 reason, to keep you and your family safe! When it comes to fighting off COVID-19, we know we must do everything within our power to be a part of the solution.

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We Prioritize Your Family’s Safety

Our hiring process for technicians is long and rigorous, as a matter of fact we only hire about 1% of those who apply. We do this so you can be assured that the technician that comes to your home is not only trustworthy, but also a trained home cleaning professional that will get the job done right!

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Spend Time Doing What Matters Most

Our Deer Park clients always highly recommend us because of the extra time we’re able to save them. On average, we’re able to save our clients an additional 4 hours per week! What would you do with all of this spare time?

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Healthier Practices

Unlike our Deer Park competitors, we don’t rely on chemicals to do our cleanings. We utilize eco friendly, chemical free products that not only leave your house sparkling but are also healthier for everyone in your family, pets included!

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On Dec 2, 2017, our founder Wells Ye demonstrated live on Fox 32, how effective chemical free cleaning is. Citizens of Deer Park witnessed the amazing results of chemical free cleaning, which our Deer Park maid service uses!

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Client Services To Answer All Of Your Questions

We will provide freakishly good client service. We are a client service business that just happens to clean, so we specialize in YOUR happiness. We listen and improve. We never stop because we work the hardest for your satisfaction.



Joanna is fantastic! Thank you! We have had the great fortune to have Joanna with us for a couple of years and we look forward to her coming. She is so thorough, friendly, on time and she just LOVES cleaning. Thank you!

Kathy O., Arlington Heights -Verified Customer


I had my first cleaning from FTM today. Glenda was great! She was on-time, professional, engaging and did a great job especially in our bathrooms. The rates seem comparable. So happy to have some extra time this weekend

Kristi T., Arlington Heights -Verified Customer


I’ve utilized Glenda several times now, and she does a fantastic job of cleaning and paying attention to details and requests made. She has a great attitude and is congenial. I would highly recommend her!

Steph S., Arlington Heights -Verified Customer


Our Arlington Heights office allows us to properly serve the villages of the the Northwest suburbs. Upon calling to Fresh Tech Maid, our employees will guide you thoroughly about the procedure. We are accustomed to offering an optimized cleaning schedule according to your requirements. Nearly a time of two to three days is needed for the provision of services. It is suggested by our professionals to allow the technicians to review the requirements of cleaning in your house as certain areas need special attention. By doing this, our team will gain insight into the requisite conducts of cleaning.

For Fresh Tech Maid, we highly acknowledge the esteemed feedback of our clients. So, after the work is done, please feel free to provide us with your valuable suggestions and experience with us. Hope to offer you the best of services!

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