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Advanced Disinfection Fogging

Eliminate COVID-19!


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360 Degree Disinfecting Coverage

Our advanced disinfection fogging service is done through a high powered fogging device designed to terminate all infectious germs in your home, office, storefront or any other facility. Our Fogging device creates a light misting of disinfecting spray that has nearly 360 degrees of coverage. Through this, you’ll know that almost every nook and cranny will be coated with this disinfectant and free of COVID-19.

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Guaranteed Professionalism

Our Advanced Disinfection specialists undergo extensive training for operating the machinery and are dressed in hospital standard PPE. They know exactly what to do when they enter your home and are able to conduct your service in a timely and efficient manner, so you can get back to enjoying life.

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Kills COVID-19 in Under 5 Minutes

Advanced Disinfection Fogging is a relatively quick process that, in most cases, can be done in under an hour! Because the device works so efficiently, our disinfecting specialist can move throughout your space in a timely manner. Once the are has been coated with the disinfecting agent, it only needs about 4 minutes to effectively kill COVID-19 and any other viruses.


This Disinfecting Agent Is Truly A Miracle

An EPA Certified and WHO Endorsed Product Designed To Safeguard Your Home, Office Storefront or Facility

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All Natural Product

As a company that prides ourselves on sound environmental practices, we’re thrilled to have found this disinfecting agent! It has been EPA certified, meaning that it’s friendly to mother nature and is fully biodegradable! The WHO has backed our product as being safe for use around all humans including children and seniors. This disinfecting agent is so safe that many people even use it to clean off their fruits in vegetables!

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Kills COVID-19 Effectively

While our disinfecting agent is known for it’s friendliness around humans and pets, it’s also renowned for it’s effectiveness against killing infectious diseases like COVID-19. Because it has no charge and a relatively low molecular weight, it is much better than other disinfectants at penetrating through infectious germs.

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Safe For Surfaces: No Residue, No Stains and Non-caustic.

When people think about disinfecting agents, they might first wonder if they will affect their surfaces. Luckily, our miracle disinfecting agent is very friendly on most surfaces. In fact, it has a nearly neutral PH which means it son’t discolor or leave streaking! IN addition to this, it won’t leave behind a harsh, chemical odor. Initially it has a smell similar to bleach, but doesn’t linger – usually dissipates in under 10 minutes.

How This Differs From Regular Disinfecting

The regular disinfecting service that we’ve been offering since the beginning of the pandemic is a great solution for hitting those high touched areas in your home. However, the Advanced Disinfection Fogging service is a far more in depth solution when it comes to killing COVID-19

360 Degree Coverage – The device used creates a fine mist, know as fog, that coats the entire room, allowing the disinfecting agent to land on every surface. The regular disinfecting service is only concerned with specific areas, therefore it does not completely cover entire room.

Eliminates Cross Contamination – Because the Advanced Disinfection Fogging covers everything within the room, there won’t be any cross contamination between objects that have been disinfected and objects that haven’t. Everything gets covered!

Fast And Effective – Trained specialists paired with an effective fogging device means that the Advanced Fogging Disinfection service can be completed relatively quick. The specialist just needs enough time to walk through each room while operating the fogger to effectively kill COVID-19.


Anyone! If you truly value the safety and protection of the loved ones in your home then this is absolutely for you! For businesses and offices, utilizing the Advanced Disinfection Fogging service is the best way to show your customers and employees that you’re prioritizing their safety. Demonstrate your willingness to be a part of the solution in the fight against COVID-19. As an organization that aims to help those affected by COVID-19 we’ve adjusted our parameters for those who can receive this kind of service.

As a company that values the safety of our technicians, we do have some parameters in which we will absolutely not be able to conduct this service:

  • No known acute COVID-19 person may be present during time of service.
  • A person who has had flu like symptoms that has not tested, or is waiting on test results may not be present during time of service.

How To Prepare For You Advanced Disinfection Service

Having your home deep cleaned by Fresh Tech Maid before hand is without a doubt the best way to prepare. In doing so, not only will you be ridding your environment of dust and germs but this will allow the disinfectant to reach all important areas of your home and have maximum effectiveness. Here are a couple other things to consider:

  • It is mandatory for all people present in the household to wear a mask and observe social distancing.
  • It is mandatory for clients to open windows to encourage air flow upon arrival of our disinfecting specialist.
  • Pets, children and adults need to be in a separate room during fogging. Solution must remain undisturbed for 5 minutes.
  • Put away all loose paper to prevent it from being blown around.
  • Anything that is sensitive to humidity, such as paintings, should be put elsewhere to prevent any damage.
  • Any ultra sensitive pets such as birds or fish should be moved elsewhere.
  • Put away any open food containers.


If you’re wondering how frequently you might need this service, refer to this table and determine you call into one of these categories. If not, give us a call, we’d love to guide you through.

Why You Should Consider Advanced Disinfection Fogging

Are you a parent, business owner, property manager or anything in between? Do you truly value the safety of your loved ones, employees, customers or tenants? If you answered yes to any of the above then this is absolutely something you need to consider. Advanced Disinfection Fogging does more than kill COVID-19, it provides safety and assurance for those around you.

If you’re someone who believes in being a critical part of the solution when it comes to defeating COVID-19 then this is also for you. When you book an Advanced Disinfection Fogging, you’re doing more than caring for the safety of those around you, you’re becoming a key player in societies’ fight against COVID-19.



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