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We Understand the unique needs Of seniors

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to theft since they are less likely to be able to notice or prevent such actions. They need to have absolute trust and confidence in their maids to ensure that they are not taken advantage of. Seniors are also more sensitive to strong chemicals often used for cleaning, which can impair breathing and is toxic to the environment. This is why Fresh Tech uses chemical-free, deionized water cleaning solutions in our homes. Communicating with seniors can also be difficult due to hearing loss or dementia. A company needs to be patient and gentle and not get frustrated when faced with communication issues. Professionals are also in a unique position in that they have the opportunity to frequently observe the health and condition of the seniors who live in the homes they are cleaning. These observations can be extremely valuable to both the seniors and to their family members who want to ensure that seniors are receiving the best possible care. Seniors need house cleaners who care about them and treat them like family, and are willing to coordinate effectively with family members.

WE Work for the whole family

Have you heard of the “sandwich” generation? These are people who are caring for both their own children, as well as aging parents. Though this situation is not uncommon, it is a very stressful position for someone to try to manage all alone. Caring for children is difficult enough, without the added stress of attending to elderly parents who are often sick. The sandwich generation needs a support network in place to ensure they have time to recharge and not become overly stressed. A cleaning company is a vital piece of this support structure, as this is one of the most time-consuming and important chores on the list. When the home is in good shape, everything seems in good shape. However, cleaning the home can often be pushed to a lower priority when getting the kids to school on time, taking parents to doctor’s appointments, and having a career seem more important. Having a trusted company take over this duty not only frees up time for the family caregiver, it also facilitates a healthier environment for everyone. An organized home is an organized life, and a clean home is a healthy home!

Our senior cleaning service comes standard with all of the general cleaning tasks which includes a top to bottom cleaning of:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Any Extra Rooms

WE believe in reliability and professionalism

The bottom line is that employing a reliable company to aid senior citizens is well worth it. It saves time for those in the “sandwich” generation so that they can devote themselves to other important aspects of their life, like their careers, their children, and caring for their parents. Time is money, and your time is a lot more valuable than what you pay for a maid company. Most importantly, you are ensuring that the seniors in your life are receiving the best possible care by living in a healthy and secure environment. Hiring a service can be truly life altering for senior citizens, as it relieves them of the stressful burden that has become more difficult for their bodies. Who knows, you may even receive the admiration of your friends for all of your thoughtfulness in helping your aging parents!

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