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Sandwich Generation Cleaning Service

Have you heard of the sandwich generation? These are the people who are caring for both their own children, as well as their aging parents. Though this situation is not uncommon, it is a very stressful position for someone to try to manage all alone. Caring for children is difficult… Read More

Best Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Around Your Home

Apple cider vinegar for cleaning has a variety of uses and has been used as a home remedy for years. It is has been most commonly known for its health benefits and has become an epidemic over the last few years. From varicose veins to a sore throat, the natural… Read More

How To Find A Housekeeper You Can Trust

Finding a housekeeper can be a difficult task but the big question is ‘how to find one you can trust’. With so many companies available and even more people willing to offer their services, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. No matter why you’re looking for… Read More

Tried-and-True Cleaning Tips From One Generation to the Next!

There’s no doubt about it, cleaning tools and technology have come a long way in the past 50 to 100 years. Where would we be without the invention of the dishwasher, in-home laundry appliances, or vacuum cleaners? Unfortunately, along with all of these amazing advancements has come an… Read More

Cleaning Support for Seniors in Arlington Heights

Fresh Tech Maid, an Arlington Heights maid service, understands the challenges faced by senior citizens and their caregivers when it comes to choosing a cleaning service. Fresh Tech Maid can be tailored to their needs, including chemical-free cleaning, stress-free day-to-day support, and experienced professionals. Problems & Solutions Caring for… Read More

Senior Cleaning Services – Answers to Your Questions!

Nowadays, everyone has such busy schedules that senior services have become a necessity rather than a luxury. This is especially true for members of the “sandwiched” generation who are caring for both their own children and for their elderly parents. There are an abundant number of senior cleaning services that… Read More

Senior House Cleaning Service – The Right One!

Do you want to know more about choosing a senior maid service Chicago? Seniors need more help than anyone when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy. Since mobility becomes more limited with age, it is harder for seniors to reach high places to dust or get… Read More

Why Don’t You Mop Floors on your Hands and Knees?

There are certain expectations that clients have of the maid services that they hire. Obviously, many of them expect the maid service Arlington Heights to clean their home properly and in an efficient manner. Few expect the technicians that arrive to wash their tile,… Read More

Chicago House Cleaning Services for Seniors?

While there are a number of reasons as to why people hire a maid service in Chicago, a lack of mobility is one of the most popular. Many times people, especially senior citizens, have problems cleaning their homes due to the inability to maneuver vacuums and other tools or… Read More